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Welcome to the brand-new Editing Services page on our blog! After having launched our editing series last week, we are now excited to reveal that we will be providing different critique services that focus on editing. Our services will cover Young Adult and Middle Grade manuscripts only, whether they be WIPs or finished, unpublished work. We also encourage and welcome work by diverse authors, being POC ourselves.

We will have the following services available starting  May 23, 2016. Our qualifications and turnaround times are posted below the packages. These are all smaller packages that are cost-friendly (or free):

1. 5-Page Overview

We will look at the first five pages of your manuscript, focusing on whether they hook the reader and how you might change them in order to do so. We will also focus on exposition and world-building, if applicable, and whether they’re appropriate for your audience (YA or MG). This is currently a free package.

2. Hook/Pitch Package

We will look at your current hook or pitch (whether it be for a pitch contest on a blog or Twitter). The pitch should be anywhere from  140 characters to a few sentences. This is NOT a query critique. Having done many pitch contests (and succeeded with several requests), we can assist with shaping your pitch to minimize storytelling/characters/background and maximize stakes. We will also provide possible comp titles for your work, if applicable. This is currently a free package.

3. Grammar and Syntax Package

The Grammar and Syntax package includes a 5-page critique of your current WIP or finished novel, solely focused on grammar and syntax. (These edits are not the same as the ones covered in the 5-page Overview package above!) We will also provide a comprehensive, 15-page PDF featuring several grammar/syntax tips we’ve learned over the years, including valuable tips such as:

  • Economy (how to minimize wordiness and provide clarity)
  • Voice (developing your own unique fingerprint as a writer)
  • Grammar tips (punctuation, homophones, pronouns, verbs–transitive and intransitive–and tense usage, e.g. lay vs. lie)
    • Worksheets (exercises) and answer key provided!

This package currently costs $10 U.S.

4. 25-page Critique

This is an in-depth critique of your work, regarding the following aspects of your first 25 pages:

  • Voice
  • Character
  • World-building, if applicable
  • Grammar and syntax, including sentence structure variation
  • Overview of exposition and whether it is appropriate for your audience (YA or MG)
  • Line-by-line edits via Word track changes
  • Possible comps for your work, if applicable

This package currently costs $15 U.S.

At the moment we will not accept full manuscripts for critique, though we hope to provide this service in the near-future!

If you’d like to purchase any of our packages, free or otherwise, please fill out this contact form for further steps. If the premise of your work is too close to something we are working on as authors (or in the future), please note that we will not take on your work.


  • As authors, we have self-published three Young Adult fantasy books and garnered editing skills through the publication process, especially having worked one-on-one with professional editors
  • We have edited a 120+ page creative writing magazine at the University of Toronto
  • We are currently enrolled in the English and Professional Writing and Communication programs at the University of Toronto, and have gained hands-on skills through editing critique groups
    • We have also created our own writing portfolios, which require rigorous editing at the university level
  • We have been blogging for over three years, including professional reviews for major publishers, and posts about writing tips
  • We have volunteered at several libraries, including our university library, and thus have a strong knowledge of books, particularly Young Adult and Middle Grade!

Turnaround Times

We are both upfront about turnaround times, and should you have any questions regarding the process, feel free to email us. We respond to all requests within 24 hours with further instructions. We will work on a first-come first-serve basis, so if your work is not at the front of our queue, we will let you know so you are aware of when you’ll receive your critiques.


We accept payment via Paypal. If you require a different method of payment, please reach us by email for further information. Please keep in mind conversion rates if you are outside the U.S.

For the Grammar & Syntax Package: The payment must be made in full before we send the PDF package. Once the payment is confirmed, we will email you.

For the 25-page Critique: We require half of the payment before beginning the critique, and the second half upon completion of our feedback. There will be a ten-day window (at maximum) to pay for the critique once the feedback has been completed.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!