The Book Buzz #7: The Cursed Child, Ascendant + More

Hey, everyone! So, if you’ve been checking our “Book Buzz” category, you’ll see we haven’t posted anything since February. Our blog has been through some mini hiatuses, especially with the launch of our Editing Services, but now, we thought it’d be the perfect time to share what’s buzzing in the YA/MG book (and film) community.

The biggest book to come out in July was undoubtedly Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. We both read and actually really enjoyed it, though we were surprised by how a lot of the story line was … well, real. (You can find our GIF review here.)

There have been some mixed reviews over the Cursed Child, and since that was only parts one and two … we definitely have more parts to look forward to. (And possible movie news, though that is nowhere near confirmed!)

Moreover, the YA community was definitely shocked when Lionsgate announced the TV movie for Ascendant (Allegiant Part 2) since it’ll be skipping theatres.

As per Veronica Roth’s twitter response:

You can read a bit more here.


In better YA news: BEFORE I FALL by Lauren Oliver has a movie release date: APRIL 7!

Read the announcement from EpicReads on Twitter!

It was also recently announced that Alexandra Bracken’s YA sci-fi/dystopia novel, THE DARKEST MINDS, now has a film director! Read more about it here.

And that’s it for now! What buzzing book news have you heard about lately?


The Book Buzz #6: Eighth Harry Potter Book?!

Normally we only do our ‘Book Buzz’ posts once a month, but there’s TOO MUCH NEWS, you guys. We just had to share it all!

So, by the title, I think you can tell what instigated this post. AN EIGHTH HARRY POTTER BOOK. Okay, it’s not exactly a novel (it’s the upcoming HP & The Cursed Child play in book format) but stillllll. There’s no way we’re missing this! Any new content–especially in book format, and not just off Pottermore–is a must.

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The Book Buzz #5: V.E. Schwab + Cover Reveals!

Hey, all! It’s time for another BOOK BUZZ post! LOTS has happened over the past month, and we want to wrap up all the latest bookish news in one convenient post for YOU!

First, let’s talk TV show news. You know that awesome book titled A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC? (Maybe you’ve read my review in which I rave of its awesomeness.) Yeah, that’s becoming a TV show. And the author, V.E. Schwab, is writing. the. pilot. This is gonna be awesome. 

In cover reveal news–well, there’s been lots of YA cover reveals! Here are all the beautiful new books coming your way:



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The Book Buzz #4

Welcome back to another “The Book Buzz” post! This is our 4th one to come since we started the feature in September, and writing these posts has really opened our eyes to the news in YA & MG books … and even movie adaptations! Here’s what we’ve seen recently:

The Allegiant Part 1 tie-in edition book cover was revealed! This edition releases February 16.

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The Book Buzz #3 [Dec 18, 2015]

Welcome back to The Writing Duo! There has been so much exciting news in the YA/MG book community and we decided we’d round up some recent bookish news for you! 😀

First off, the biggest news of the day is most certainly the Shadowhunters’ Netflix acquirement. Which is GREAT news for international fans, especially being here in Canada–we weren’t entirely sure how the show would air in Canada since the show will air on ABC Family; however, thanks to Netflix, a lot more countries and fans will get to watch the show along with the US! The show will become available on Netflix once a week the day after the US premiere (Jan 13). More info can be found here. Continue reading

The Book Buzz #2: Mockingjay & Shadowhunters!

Hey, all! Looks like there was a lot happening this week in YA. Not only were there TONS of book releases, like MAGNUS CHASE #1: The Sword of Summer (Sarena’s most anticipated release of the year!), CARRY ON, A MADNESS SO DISCREET (our ARC review is HERE), LIFE AND DEATH (looks like Stephenie Meyer pulled a Beyonce), THE REST OF US JUST LIVE HERE, THE WHITE ROSE, and so many more! Continue reading

THE BOOK BUZZ #1 [Sept 16, 2015]

Hi, all! We thought today we’d do a little BOOK BUZZ post. What’s the book buzz, you ask? It’s a sort of meme we created where we feature what’s happening in the bookish world. Let’s get started on what’s happened this week, particularly in YA!

First, some amazing books dropped this week, like DUMPLIN’ by Julie Murphy (yay for diverse, body-positive fiction!), TONIGHT THE STREETS ARE OURS by Leila Sales, ASH AND BRAMBLE by Sarah Prineas, MIRRORED by Alex Flinn, and THE WEIGHT OF FEATHERS by Anna-Marie McLemore!

Also, there was some surprising news for all you Throne of Glass fans (including us!) out there. The series has been optioned for TV! Continue reading