[ARC Review] Fireblood by Elly Blake

Hey everyone! We’re back today with a review of FIREBLOOD, book two in the Frostblood Saga by Elly Blake!

*Disclaimer: We received this ARC from Hachette Book Group Canada. This has not biased my opinion. Thank you, HBG!* 

First off, take in this GORGEOUS cover below:

I recently finished reading FROSTBLOOD, and I knew right after that I would dive into FIREBLOOD. What I liked most about this second installment was the elaboration on the world–in book 1, we are kept in Tempesia, with little knowledge of the kingdom below (Sudesia, home of the Firebloods). Like in FROSTBLOOD, Blake uses stories and legends to convey details about worldbuilding and the gods/goddesses, and though there are MANY details, I found it generally easy to follow. (Since I recently finished book 1, I remembered a lot of the details.)
From the start, I knew I would like the Sudesian kingdom more than Tempesia; there was just something about it that was exciting. Maybe since Ruby is a Fireblood, it made me more excited to learn about her home land and heritage.

Next, the characters. From the synopsis, you can see a bit of a love triangle forming. Normally I’m not a huge fan of those. In this book, however, I really liked Kai, his constant sarcasm and wit, and the way he became a true companion to Ruby. Of course, I’m excited to see his character grow in the final book! (Still … Arcus + Ruby!)

Next–setting: I liked the palace vibe, which was similar to the Frost King’s palace yet so different. It reminded me a bit of RED QUEEN in a way. Likewise, in terms of structure, the “trials” in this book felt a lot like an echo of the “trials” in Book 1, which Ruby had to face in the Frost King’s arena. That portion of the book felt a bit sluggish, but then again, I was reading it a bit slowly; once I really sat down to read, I flew through it! Still, as the book went on, I realized these trials had a purpose, especially as it came down to the final 100 or so pages.

Most of the action takes place at the end (like in FROSTBLOOD). I loved the twists–in plot, in character, I was honestly gasping! I think the ending of this book really sets up the final installment, NIGHTBLOOD, and I am excited to see where it goes!

Rating: 4.5* 

“When you don’t know if there’s a tomorrow, you quickly realize what matters most.”

Here’s a fun photo I took of FIREBLOOD with my dinner 🙂

ICYMI, here is the cover of Book 3, NIGHTBLOOD:

Have you read this series yet? Let me know below!


3 thoughts on “[ARC Review] Fireblood by Elly Blake

  1. crimson613 says:

    I havent read the series but the covers look so nice!! Is it like an ember in the ashes? The whole trials thing reminded me of it 🙂

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