What’s On My Night Table? #1

Hey, all! You probably didn’t notice, but we didn’t post anything last week … even though our resolution is to post weekly on our blog. Woops! At least it’s Monday, so we can start on a clean slate. I (Sarena) decided to make a post about what’s on my night table currently. We’ll probably make this into a series of posts regarding what we’re currently reading. Let’s take a look!

1. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by JK Rowling

Image result for harry potter and the sorcerer's stone

This is my first-ever reread of the first HP book. I’m actually reading the American edition since Sasha is using our British/Canadian one for her own reread. I picked up the American one on a whim at a convenience store nearby that had a small section of cheap books. (Random, I know.)

2. The Copyeditor’s Handbook (Edition 3) by Amy Einsohn

Image result for the copy editor's handbook edition 3

I’m reading over this one for our editing course! It’s actually super interesting, but that’s only because I love grammar (and learning about it).

3. Paper Hearts (eBook edition) Vol 1: Some Writing Advice

Image result for paper hearts beth revis

This is an eBook I received for free after the new year thanks to Beth Revis (and her great newsletter!). This is the first of three volumes in her Paper Hearts series. Each volume tackles something different. Volume 1 is writing, 2 is publishing, and 3 is marketing. I’ve only looked at a few chapters but it’s definitely a great read for writers/aspiring authors out there!


That’s it for now! What’s on your night table, book-wise? 😀



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