2017 Bookish Resolutions

Hey, all! We’re already one week into 2017–how is that possible?! And yet we’ve already done so much: we started school (on Jan 2 … why) and kept working on our WIP, which we’re almost 20k into so far. (YAY!) It’s about time we shared our 2017 goals, book-wise!

Our reading goal:

-Read 50 books each (and make sure most of them are diverse/#ownvoices)

-Read more indie books!

Our writing goal:

-Write 2 new books; the first is an #ownvoices WIP, the other we’re not sure of yet!

Our blogging goal:

-Update our blog once a week, unless we’re on hiatus

-Attend as many bookish events as possible, and interact with other bloggers!

-Leave comments / blog hop more often 🙂

What are your 2017 resolutions?



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