Pokemon Go Book Tag!

If you haven’t heard of Pokemon Go yet, you’re probably living under a rock. But I think it’s safe to say nearly everyone has heard of this game, and it’s sweeping not only the nation, but the entire world. Yes, it’s addicting. Yes, it’s fun. (Yes, we’re #TeamMystic.) And yes, there’s a book tag for it!

Aentee @ Read at Midnight created the tag, and though we weren’t tagged, we’re super excited to do it! Here we go! pokemon-go-book-tag


The books that started our love for reading were most definitely anything by Roald Dahl. Seriously, when I (Sasha) was in fourth grade, my teacher had to give me a copy of a book by someone else so that I would read more widely. (Clearly Roald Dahl was the only author I knew–or at least cared about. I had yet to venture into the Wizarding World.) The first one we read by him was George’s Marvelous Medicine. I read it so many times in third grade, the cover has come off.


I think one of the most classic stories ever, of course, is Harry Potter. Nothing can beat that series. (Who’s pumped for the Cursed Child release this weekend?!) But if we’re talking waaay back classic, then we absolutely love Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. Such an amazing, thrilling, and rewarding read!


Oddly enough, Zubats aren’t *super* common in our area, though we’ve got a few. If anything, we’ve seen enough Spearows, Eevees (they’re so cute though!), and–ugh–Rattatas. We wouldn’t say our answer is necessarily a book that’s everywhere at the moment, but it is definitely one we lost interest in–the Beautiful Creatures series by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. We might’ve been more interested in this one a few years ago, even before the movie had released, but now, we don’t care to read this one. We’re not too interested in hopping into other popular series like Matched, either. Pokemon-Tag-04-Ditto

For this one we’re going to go with The Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye. Even though it could kind of be perceived as a love triangle, the depth of this world and the connection these characters share–and the beautiful writing, of course–sucked us in and made this an amazing read!


First off, we love Snorlax. Seriously, he is our Pokemon spirit animal. But in truth, the book we haven’t started because of sheer size would be A Clash of Kings. Sarena hasn’t even attempted A Game of Thrones yet, and I haven’t read Outlander even though she has. (Oops? We’ll get around to them someday!)Pokemon-Tag06-Gengar

Oh, this one’s easy. For both of us, we stayed up late to finish The Merciless by Danielle Vega. This was last July, but we still get chills thinking about it! Such a fantastic, gripping read, and the second one released this month! I also remember also staying up late (i.e., turning off the lights and using only my reading light that I got for Christmas!) to finish A Court of Thorns and Roses and A Court of Mist and Fury. Oh, Sarah J. Maas, why do you always do this to me… (*silently cries awaiting Empire of Storms*)Pokemon-Tag07-NidokingQueen

We have so many! Cinder and Kai! Katniss and Gale! (Yes, you read that correctly.) Tally and David (from the Uglies series). A few more recent ones would have to be Rhysand and Feyre, Sharhzad and Khalid, Mal and Alina, Warner and Juliette, Emma and Jacob (Miss Peregrine’s), Emma and Julian (Lady Midnight), and … wow, there are too many to count. Pokemon-Tag08-Rapidash

I’m currently reading Ruined by Amy Tintera and it’s soooo fast-paced. Makes for a quick read! Also, her debut novel, Reboot, was fast-paced & action-packed!Pokemon-Tag09-Eevee

Why yes, Eevees are definitely one of the cutest Pokemon out there, and a series with (tons and tons) of spin-offs we’re not getting tired of seeing is the Percy Jackson series. First, there was Heroes of Olympus. Now, there’s The Trials of Apollo. And yes, they’re all excellent. (Go read them!). I’m also pretty happy with the Lady Midnight spinoff series, and while the Pretty Little Liarseries was pretty dang long, I looooved every minute. (Hey, I wouldn’t mind a spinoff story about Jenna and Mona right about now, Sara Shepard!)Pokemon-Tag14-Magikarp

Even though it takes a zillion candies to evolve a Magikarp, we’ll do it one day (hopefully)! A book that we found surprisingly awesome was The Infernal Devices. I mean, I knew I would like this one, but I didn’t love City of Bones. Even still, I thought the world- and character-building in this series was so much more on point than in TMI. (I mean, it’s Tessa, Will, and Jem. What could be more awesome than that?) Pokemon-Tag12-Legendary

I wouldn’t necessarily say this series is overhyped, but it is definitely hyped up in the booktube/blog communities. We’d have to go with Red Rising by Pierce Brown. It looks too good to pass up, and we just bought a copy for less than $5 from Books A Million earlier this month! We’re also super pumped to finally get into Six of Crows before the release of Crooked Kingdom this September!Pokemon-Tag15Mew-MewTwo

We wish we owned more collector’s editions of Harry Potter. As in, basically all the covers ever, every piece of fandom merch, the colouring books, and the newest 1-release-a-year, gigantic new editions of the series. Yes, please. Pokemon-Tag10-Egg

We’re super excited for so many, particularly Erin Summerill’s Ever the Hunted (2016), as well as Qala Academy by Tanaz Bhathena (2017), Fat Girl on a Plane by Kelly DeVos (2017), and soooo many more!pokemon-tag11-lure-module

Oh my, we have quite a few. Our top buys every year, however, have to go to Rick Riordan (PJO), Sara Shepard (PLL), Sarah J. Maas (ToG), and Marissa Meyer (Lunar Chronicles). We’re going to need all their newest/upcoming releases asap, please. pokemon-tag13-server-down

 We might as well write out a list for this one: A Torch Against the Night by Sabaa Tahir, Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas, Heartless by Marissa Meyer, Crystal Storm by Morgan Rhodes, The Hammer of Thor by Rick Riordan, and basically every other book ever. Because, books. 

It’s tag time! We tag …

Jill @ A Book Nerd Reads

Liran @ Empress of Books

Christine @ Padfoot’s Library

Nova @ Out of Time

Until next time, book lovers!




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