BBCP Pages to Pictures: Falling Kingdoms

The Book Blogger Creativity Project was created by the amazing Nori at Read, Write, Love 28.  This project was made so that book bloggers could team up (go Magenta team!) and create new and interesting blog post topics together. Today we, 1/6 of the Magenta Team, present to you …

Pages to Pictures is all about building our own book-to-movie adaptations. We’ve have decided to “build” our book-to-movie version of Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes. In case you didn’t know, we’ve reviewed every book in the FK series thus far (plus ABOSAT!) and absolutely love this thrilling world created by Rhodes! We’ll be outlining our dream cast, dream film locations, and even certain scenes we would love to be included in the *film.* Let’s get started!


Princess Cleiona Bellos. She’s got blond hair and the whole princess look going for her, but she’s also layered and flawed and grows a lot throughout the series. It’s really hard for us to picture the perfect Cleo, and we don’t think we could picture the best fit necessarily for her character, but Leven Rambin (Glimmer from THG) might work, with super wavy, light-blond hair.

Prince Magnus Damora. A black-haired, broody prince who only improves (and becomes more book-crush worthy) as the books go on? We picture him being played by Douglas Booth, with dyed-black hair instead of brown. 

Jonas Agallon. AKA, the rebel. He’s got a bit of a “Dylan O’Brien from The Maze Runner” feel for us, even if we don’t always 100% picture his face (we usually don’t think of faces when reading…). But this picture kind of screams Paelsian peasant-turned-rebel:

Princess Lucia Damora. For some reason, she’s the easiest to picture in our heads. (Also, *insert Frozen Tides cover appreciation here*). We feel like Kaya Scodelario from The Maze Runner might be a good fit, with dark hair and striking makeup.


We’re not exactly sure what goes into picking the “perfect spot” for filming movies–or really anything to do with movie sets for that matter–but we’ve got a few spots in mind for locations that’ll truly capture the heart of Mytica. Firstly, Canada–because hey, we’re Canadian (and so is Rhodes!), and there’s tons of beautiful greenery and luscious filming spots throughout British Columbia. We’ve never personally been there ourselves, but we know a lot of shows (i.e., Once Upon a Time) are filmed in Vancouver. This–and maybe a little New Zealand, while we’re at it–would be the perfect place to capture the heart of Auranos!

BC at its finest!

Conversely, Limeros is icy and glacial. I think a trip to northern Canada–or the north pole–would work here. Here’s an example of the perfect setting when we think of Limeros:

Icy Limeros… imagine a castle in there too. 😉

DREAM SCENES (that need to go down) 

We’re not going to go into spoilery details, so don’t worry! We just want to say… there’s a reason this series is called a “YA Game of Thrones.” (Take from that what you will.) We will say, though, that we definitely want the characters’ motives and growth to stay the same, in order to display their character arcs well. Aaaand when these characters first meet? That needs to go down as well.

It’d also be awesome if the *movies* were to keep the major cliffhangers and romantic tension the same.

What are your thoughts on the Falling Kingdoms fan-cast we created? Do you agree, or picture them differently? We’d love to hear in the comments below! And don’t forget to stop by the Magenta Team’s blogs this week for more Pages to Pictures fun!

Cody @ Roecker Reviews

Erin @ The Hardcover Lover

Nori @ ReadWriteLove28

Tamara @ Tamaraniac 

Lynette @ Charmingly Simple

Until next time, blogger friends,



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