Simon and Schuster Book Haul (for Charity Auction!)

This week in the mail, we got a huge box from none other than Simon and Schuster Canada–11 books in all. But … they aren’t for us. *gasp*! I know, I know, you might be thinking, then who are they for? Well, to give you all some background, each year we host an online charity auction on Facebook for SickKids hospital, where you can bid on items (anything from books to kitchen stuff, brand-name hats to gift cards). You can check out the group here, if you’d like to join in and donate to charity!

This year’s auction runs from TODAY, July 18th, 2016, all the way up to July 29th. Which means you can start bidding on items now for much cheaper than sale price. And, did we mention there will be books involved? Cookbooks, dog-lover books, and even some thrillers and memoirs?

We have an eclectic haul to show you today, and remember, EACH of these are posted in our photo album for you all to bid on! Here are the books in this year’s auction, courtesy of Simon and Schuster Canada.


We’ve partnered a few cookbooks with other books, or other items. Take a look:

  • THE NEW KOSHER cookbook, paired with a collapsible cooler set: 
  • CREOLE KITCHEN cookbook, matched with a BBQ tool set: 
  • MAMUSHKA: A Cookbook with recipes from Ukraine and Eastern Europe, and THE SOUTH OF FRANCE COOKBOOK: 


  • THE TOTAL DOG MANUAL and LILY AND THE OCTOPUS. Perfect for those with a canine companion! 


  • REVIVAL by Stephen King and SHOE DOG by Phil Knight (aka the creator of Nike!)
  • STILL MINE by Amy Stuart, GLORY OVER EVERYTHING by Kathleen Grissom, and UNFLINCHING: The Making of a Canadian Sniper by Jody Mitic

And … not necessarily from Simon and Schuster, but here are another few books in the auction, written by yours truly: 

That’s right! You can also grab your own SIGNED copies of THE GEMSTONE, THE KING’S JEWEL, and THE POISONED EMERALD (written by us!) from the auction. Perfect for fans of Kelley Armstrong’s THE DARKEST POWERS series. 😀

If any of these books interest you, be sure to check out our auction! 100% of proceeds will go to SickKids hospital. If you want more details, be sure to join or group or follow our Twitter account, @Shop4SickKids!

Thanks for reading, book nerds, and until next time!



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