Happy Canada Day! Best Books by Canadian Authors

Happy Canada Day! And for all y’all Americans, happy almost-Independence-Day! But today, we’re celebrating our Canadian pride by telling you about amazing Canadian reads! This list will include only books by Canadian authors! Let’s get started. 😀

  • FALLING KINGDOMS by Morgan Rhodes. In fact, this entire series is amazing, especially if you’re looking for GAME OF THRONES meets THRONE OF GLASS. Basically anything with the word “thrones.” 12954620
  • The GAME series by Eve Silver. We were lucky enough to meet Eve last October at the Young Writers’ Conference in Toronto, and she was super sweet! Another awesome Canadian author we’d love to meet again in person. And her books are super awesome, too.13571953
  • THE BOOK OF NEGROES by Lawrence Hill. Lawrence Hill is a brilliant writer, and we read this book in 12th grade for English class. A powerful, moving story that was made into a mini-series! If you’re a history buff, or just love historical fiction in general, this one’s for you!2088385
  • THE DARKEST POWERS series by Kelley Armstrong. Basically anything Armstrong writes is brilliant. We met her as well (she was the first major author we ever met!) last year and told her about how her book, THE SUMMONING, inspired our series (The Pendant Trilogy). Not to mention this series in general pulled us even further into our love for YA.2800905
  • THE BLACKTHORN KEY by Kevin Sands. We read and reviewed Sands’ novel here, and met him last summer at the Simon & Schuster Fall Preview event! We even got signed hardcovers from S&S, so thanks, Kevin! We can’t wait for the sequel. 23270216

There are tons of other amazing authors whose books we’ve read or cannot wait to read, like Margaret Atwood, E.K. Johnston, Michelle Krys, Kevin Sylvester, and many more! Comment your favourite Canadian reads, and we hope you have an awesome Canada day!

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