Introducing The Writing Duo Critique Services!

Hello, all! Since last week’s Editing 101 series, we’ve been a bit quiet on the blog (besides our review for The Crown’s Game!). That’s because we’ve been busy preparing for the launch of something special!

This Monday, May 23, we will be launching our Critique Services! We will link to the page once it’s live–the page will contain all info on what packages we’re selling, our qualifications, etc. Having helped others in the past (focusing on YA/MG manuscripts), we’re excited to help out the community with their work! And for now, we have two FREE packages for writers (again, more info on the page to come).

twd crit servicesFINAL

For those who want to help spread the word and get more info before the launch, please email us. Look out for more info on Monday when the page goes live! Until then–happy writing. 😀


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