Editing 101 Series

Welcome to our new series on our blog: Editing! Being huge fans of editing and revising (well, not so much in first-draft stages of an MS, but still!) we’ve decided we want to launch a brand new series regarding editing tips. Being authors ourselves, and having edited our own books and others’ work (at the university level) we feel that we want to share whatever we can to help out other authors/writers as they pursue their writing endeavours!

We’ll have a new post in the 5-part series every day, Monday to Friday, of this week. Stay tuned as we link posts in the drop-down menu of the Editing section (right-hand side of the menu bar!).

**Edited: Here are the posts from the editing series!**

1: How to Hook a Reader [Editing 101]

2: Big-Picture vs. Small-Picture Edits [Editing 101]

3: Drafting: Let’s Discuss! [Editing 101]

4: Catching Errors [Editing 101]

5: The Layering Technique [Editing 101]

Happy writing and editing,



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