#PenguinTeenOnTour Event + YA Author Dinner Recap!

Hey, all! Today we wanted to recap all the amazingness that went down this Monday, for the #PenguinTeenOnTour book signing! There were 5 authors who came to Chapters: Sabaa Tahir, April Genevieve Tucholke, Alison Goodman, Alwyn Hamilton, and Rachel Hawkins. And let us tell you–they’re FABULOUS people. And not only did we get to meet them briefly during the actual signing portion of the Penguin Teen event–we were lucky enough to have won a dinner with these authors. Yes, we sat down to dinner with these authors (minus Alison) that same night and talked all things books! It was amazing!

But first, let’s rewind and go step-by-step through all the crazy-awesome-amazingness that happened on Monday!

rebel of the sands nails.jpg

Sarena’s REBEL nails in time for the signing!

So first, we met up with the awesome Nova @ Out of Time (check out her blog!), who was cool as always. We went to the signing & ended up in the fourth (and second last!) row. Everyone else, unfortunately, had to stand during the event, if they didn’t have seats. (Apparently it took over 2 hours to get through everyone who came to the event–over 200 people!) As we got seated (2 hours early), we spotted Liran @ Empress of Books sitting in the second row. (!!!) We were so excited to finally meet her, and we did! She is so nice (and so tall) and so personable! We’re really happy we got to meet her. Not too long after, we met Adriyanna @ Life Writings of a Reader! It was so great to finally meet her, too! She’s a U of T student (like us) and we all talked and talked and talked until the event began.


blogger pic

From left to right: Adriyanna, Liran, Nova, Sasha, and Sarena! 😀

A few minutes before the signing began, we saw Alwyn Hamilton in the bookstore. And then we saw Rachel Hawkins. And April Genevieve Tucholke. You know, just walking around, as one does. And so we knew Sabaa would have to be there, too. And we wanted to be the first to meet her, because she tweeted earlier in the day that the first person to come find her in the bookstore and answer the trivia question she posted on Twitter correctly would win a prize.

So, basically, there was a hunt.

Sarena and I weren’t sure where she was hanging out. We knew she was probably in the side room near the washrooms, where all authors stay before their signings at Chapters Brampton, but we didn’t want to be awkward and knock. So … we waited.

And waited.

Soon, Liran showed up, and we were all waiting together. Wondering what to do. And then, all of a sudden, Sabaa Tahir came out of the bathroom just behind us.

What happened next was a flurry of screaming trivia answers and hushing and laughing and awesomeness. Liran said the answer first, but Sabaa said she had a second prize, so if any of the rest of us had the answer, we could yell it out. I was the first to say it, so Sarena and I won the prize (a large EMBER pouch from the Society 6 store with a quote from the book on it!)

Sabaa told us after that we made her day (*commence fangirling*) for having answered the question correctly. And then, we all went to back to our seats, and the signing began.

indigo kidspic

The 5 Penguin Teen on Tour Authors!

All the authors were super awesome. After introductions, they moved on to Q&A. We especially loved an answer to someone’s question about writer’s block: Rachel said that Alison didn’t call it writer’s “block,” but rather “pause.” And we totally agree!

And then the signing happened. We got our copies of EMBER, BETWEEN THE DEVIL AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA, and REBEL OF THE SANDS signed, as well as bookmarks and a huge epic poster!

author photo

Author signing! Left to right: Alison, Sabaa, Rachel, April, Alwyn, and us!

After Sarena, Nova, Liran, Adriyanna, and I finished speaking to the authors (which went pretty quickly, considering it was a panel and there were 200 people in line–but it was still worth it!) we chilled in the YA section (where else?). But just before that, we bumped into E.K. Johnston! We talked to her for a while, and she was super cool! We can’t wait to read her books. We walked around, talked about books, and just got to know each other. It was really fun!

There were a few other friends/people I knew at the signing (Christine @ Padfoot’s Library, Patty @ BookishWanderLove, Jessica @ Bookish Serendipity), but unfortunately I couldn’t speak to them all for too long! I saw all their awesome pictures online, though, and it looks like everyone had a great time.

We left around 4:00 (a little earlier than everyone else) in preparation for the dinner! We ended up in Toronto around 6:40, and at the restaurant before 7:00 (we were the first to arrive!). We met awesome people who work at Indigo, as well as spoke to the amazing Vikki VanSickle (who works at Penguin) again.

And then, the authors arrived.

Sabaa and April sat directly in front of us (*commence fangirling again*) and we spoke to them for a while. We talked current reads, playlists for our books (Sabaa showed us her playlist for EMBER), and Sarena and I talked all about our new YA foodie manuscript (they were intrigued by the premise!). But in order to be able to talk to everyone (there were 14 of us altogether) at a long table, the guests (there were two other winners from the Indigo giveaway, who were able to bring 1 guest like me) moved seats. So next, we sat by Alwyn and Rachel, and we talked all about the Food Network (Rachel loves the Food Network too!) and shows, as well as books and more! (It was all such a surreal, awesome experience!)


Delicious arancini!

m pizza

Margherita pizza and …

duck p

Duck pappardelle *heart eyes*

We ended up switching seats one more time, and toward the end of the dinner we were speaking to someone who works for Indigo and helps with their social media account (which is very cool!). Overall, it was such a fantastic dinner, and we loved being able to speak with everyone one-on-one. The dinner was fabulous, the food was fabulous, the people were fabulous, and it was such a special night that we won’t soon forget 🙂

author dinner

Sasha talking to Alwyn; Sarena sitting next to Sabaa! Photo courtesy of Indigo Teen.

author dinner 2

The authors + guests at the dinner! (Photo via Indigo Teen)

If any of you guys saw any of these authors on any of their #PenguinTeenOnTour stops, let us know in the comments below! Thanks so much for reading, and until next time,




6 thoughts on “#PenguinTeenOnTour Event + YA Author Dinner Recap!

  1. Jess I. says:

    Yay, this looks like so much! My stop for this tour was yesterday but unfortunately I couldn’t go. It’s really cool that you got to meet all those other bloggers, though! I’d love to meet Nova & Jess :). And it’s even cooler that you had dinner with the authors!! I actually haven’t read any of their books but I’m definitely interested in all.

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