What Inspires Us To Write?

As much as we are readers and bloggers (both of which are amazing), we are also most definitely writers. And writers… well, writers need inspiration. So, today I thought we’d discuss what inspired us to begin our writing journey, and what inspires us today!

We started writing at the age of nine. It was a book (written in a journal I’d gotten from the dollar store the previous week) titled CHICKY PLANET. I was bored sitting on a plane to St. Maarten so I decided to start writing, and then I handed over the book to Sarena. That’s basically how our writing journey began.

The book was about a chick named Chicky (how OG) who one day gets sucked into her computer and lands in outer space. There, she finds a planet called Chicky Planet, where an evil version of herself (Evil Queen Chicky) rules, with the semi-evil Prince William and his parrot named Polly. (Don’t ask. Just… don’t.) She needs to take down the evil queen with the help of her newfound friends, a tiger named Stripes and a monkey named George. Yeah, creativity at its finest.

Anyway, the book is not what’s important. It’s the fact that it got us started on this crazy awesome writing journey. And the writing sprouted out of being hungry, voracious nine-year-old readers. We’d devour Roald Dahl (he was basically all I read at the time), Abby Hayes, and many more. These authors really shaped our careers as young writers. Then, growing up, we got reading into science fiction (Uglies ftw!). We even started writing a bit of our own … and failed. Numerous times. We just weren’t … inspired enough. Not the same way we were when writing fantastical journeys or mystery novels.

So what does inspire us? Basically, books. Now, as bloggers and authors, we’re much more aware of new books, debuts, bestsellers, what’s “trending,” if you will. But we don’t like to write what’s “trending” just because something is hot and new. We like to write for ourselves first, and hopefully, over time, a strong readership will build out of that.

Today, we look all around us for inspiration. Whether it be an image of a kite on a Coke can (we actually got an idea out of that and put it in THE KING’S JEWEL) or the Food Network (you could call us FN addicts), to so much more. If you’re a writer, I suggest taking inspiration from all around you. If you’re feeling stuck, you can find the smallest things, and maybe they’ll help to spark the biggest and greatest of ideas. One day, you might just write a fabulous novel (if you haven’t already 😉 ).

If you’re interested in learning more about us or our books, you can visit our website. Thanks so much for reading–and remember to perservere and continue writing! 😀

All the best,



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