What Blogging Means To Us

This is a bit of a spontaneous post, but after all the things that have happened in the book blogger world this week (i.e., #bookbloggerconfessions), we wanted to get our say in. We’re not only bloggers, but authors as well, and we love that we do both. Both are extremely important to us, because not only do we write, we share our love for books online. We love that authors are so involved in the bookish communities these days (especially on Twitter and Instagram! woohoo!) and we don’t want that to stop any time soon!

So, what we’re trying to say here is, BLOGGING MEANS A LOT TO US. It means connecting with readers–who are amazing people, obviously–it means fangirling about books, talking about them nonstop, sharing personal opinions but still having a shared sense of community and understanding, etc. And best of all, blogging is fun. 

We started this blog in 2012. We’ll be honest–we had no idea how to blog in 2012, and we rarely blogged in 2013 (oh, hey, Camp NaNoWriMo posts!). It wasn’t until 2014 that we started posting a bit more regularly, and then in 2015–WHOA. WE MET SO MANY AMAZING BLOGGERS, both virtually and IRL! (So. Cool.) It means SO MUCH TO US that we’re able to talk to so many amazing people who love to read the same kinds of books that we do!

What we don’t like, though, is the some of the negativity. We try not to spread negativity ourselves, but especially after seeing some of the things said this week … it’s hard not to think about blogger drama, negativity, etc. It’s hard not to wonder.

All we know is, we’re going to keep blogging, to keep connecting, to keep loving to  read, despite the thousands who *cough* don’t like to read. Blogging is a way for us to reach out to a community so vast and multicultural, though it might sometimes seem small when we step away from the computer (and enter “real life” — ha).

If you’re a new blogger–or old, doesn’t matter!–let us know your favourite thing about blogging in the comments. Remember, spread positivity, and most importantly: keeping doing what you love–reading!

Until next time,



4 thoughts on “What Blogging Means To Us

  1. showthisbooksomelove says:

    I love the Middle 🙂 Also I wanted to say that Blogging has really helped me start renewing my passion for books. As a college student, I have a lot of reading that I have to do and get to process with other people, but did not have the same opportunity with personal reading. Lately, since I started blogging, I’ve been able to see what others have been reading and talk with them about it, and I’m so glad this opportunity is out here. It’s been great to connect with people about books more, and I’m excited to keep meeting new people and hearing their opinions as well. ThNks for taking the time to reflect on this. 🙂

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