Why We Love YA and MG

Today was the first day of our children’s lit class, and let’s just say … it. was. awesome. Why? Because we’re reading books we LOVE to read (i.e., YA and MG and children’s fic). So, today we decided to discuss why we love these categories.

YA is “young adult.” Our prof today actually said “YA” in class (yesssss) and we just sat there, our love for children’s lit BURSTING THROUGH THE ROOF. Our prof expressed her love for children’s lit, and as a class we came up with points as to why people find pleasure in these books. We discussed fantasy, we talked about Harry Potter and The Hunger Games, we picked out archetypal details in books, etc.

We also discussed children’s literature vs. adult literature. What can you find in children’s that you can’t in adult, and vice versa? (Here, we mostly discussed how YA is more coming-of-age, discovering oneself, etc.) As you may know, we devote this blog to YA and MG, instead of focusing on, say, adult. Why? Because YA and MG contain exactly what we love to read about: coming-of-age teens, whether in a contemporary or fantasy world, who face massive challenges. Our favourite series happen to be YA and MG: PLL, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Percy Jackson, etc.

(in the future we imagine people will ask us if we still read YA and MG and this’ll be our answer)

YA and MG can be any genre: fantasy, dystopian, sci-fi, romance. We just love how there’s so much variety, how we get to read about these young characters’ growth, and still have fun doing it. When we read YA and MG, we find pleasure. We find new worlds, new adventures, new characters. We fall in love with these new worlds and new characters. Not only do we love to read these categories, we love to write them. And today’s class was a wonderful reminder of just that.

What are some of your favourite YA and MG books, and why do YOU love them? Let us know in the comments!



8 thoughts on “Why We Love YA and MG

  1. mudandstars says:

    That class sounds amazing! And that was the perfect use of that Snape gif haha. I did a children’s lit module at university and it was one of my favourites. I hope I never grow out of YA.

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