Winter Break Writing Update [2015]

Hey, all! We thought we’d give you all a quick update on how our writing is going recently. Now that it’s the holidays, we have a lot of time for reading and writing. We’ve mostly been doing the former, to be honest, but we both managed to reach our Goodreads goals (60 for Sarena and 75 for Sasha)!

As for writing, we’ve been doing a bit of revising to our older manuscript, and we haven’t touched our NaNo 2015 manuscript since November 30th, when we reached the 50k point. In early December, we began editing our other YA manuscript (again) for more revisions and touch-ups. We stopped editing after December 10th because we had to focus on studying for exams, and still since then we haven’t touched that manuscript either. *sigh* But hopefully, before the winter break ends, we’ll get back into revisions!

We hope you all had a great Christmas/Happy holidays! Look out for our end of year book survey which will be up tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚

We love Brick!



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