The Book Buzz #3 [Dec 18, 2015]

Welcome back to The Writing Duo! There has been so much exciting news in the YA/MG book community and we decided we’d round up some recent bookish news for you! 😀

First off, the biggest news of the day is most certainly the Shadowhunters’ Netflix acquirement. Which is GREAT news for international fans, especially being here in Canada–we weren’t entirely sure how the show would air in Canada since the show will air on ABC Family; however, thanks to Netflix, a lot more countries and fans will get to watch the show along with the US! The show will become available on Netflix once a week the day after the US premiere (Jan 13). More info can be found here.

Today, author Susan Dennard also announced she’ll be going on tour with Veronica Rossi, author of RIDERS! Check out the tour list below!

truthwitch tour

If you follow our blog, you probably know we are both HUGE Throne of Glass fans. And guess what! There will be a THRONE OF GLASS Colouring Book! (Ahhhh!) Colouring books are all the rage these days, and though we’re not part of the craze ourselves, this is pretty hard to pass up … (*coughs* If there were a Lunar Chronicles colouring book, I’d be ALL. OVER. THAT.)

Okay, more awesome news: The Fantastic Beasts announcement trailer was realeased and whoa. The beginning is awesome! And brings back all the Harry Potter feels.

In terms of more book-to-movie adaptations, the BFG, one of our favourite books EVER, now has a teaser trailer! We love anything Roald Dahl. ❤

And lastly, the Epic Reads Book Shimmy Awards semi-finalists have been announced. Go forth and vote!

So much awesomeness is buzzing in the community! Feel free to chat in the comments.







2 thoughts on “The Book Buzz #3 [Dec 18, 2015]

  1. Rachel says:

    I will definitely be picking up that TOG colouring book! I cried while watching the Fantastic Beasts trailer when it said something on the lines of “are you ready to return to the wizarding world?” It’s so exciting! It’s great to hear that Shadowhunters will be on Netflix so the international fans of the book can at least give the show a try! I really like this type of post 🙂

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