Writing Update + NaNoWriMo Prep!

Hey, everyone! So, we haven’t posted in over a week … sorry for that accidental hiatus! We’ve been super busy of late and have only had time to read school books (boo) — but you can read more about that in our October wrap-up post, which should be up soon.

Last week we were super busy–but also super, super excited to have been one of the chosen pitches for #PitchSlam. (You can read more about it on pitchslam.wordpress.com.) We were Team Slytherin, and couldn’t believe all the amazing requests we got. And for that reason, we’re also quite busy working on that manuscript and querying. But, for every writer, there’s always that *shiny new idea* that pops in their heads and makes them want to write. For us, we can’t wait to begin a new YA story, with a diverse, epic cast, for this year’s NaNoWriMo!

Now … typically we don’t usually prep for NaNo. In fact, the first time we tried it in 2012, we decided to participate two or three days in. Last year we participated for the 2nd time (technically the 3rd if you count Camp NaNo in 2013) and all three times we surpassed the 50k mark.

But that doesn’t mean those 50k words don’t feel daunting. NaNo is a HUGE accomplishment for any writer, and it’s a terrific way to start out a first draft … no matter how messy that first draft will be. (Trust us, we know!)

So this year we’re trying to plan out our characters and plot-line (since we’re total plotters), but with NaNo we’ve also learned our plots tend to come organically. Things change. But isn’t that the excitement of the *shiny new idea*?

If you’ve participated in NaNo before, how was your experience? Are you participating this year? How are you preparing?

Have a great weekend, all! and HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 😀



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