A New Look!

So, you might have noticed something new about our blog today. A new theme, a new layout–all new! (And pretty new social media icons!)

It’s been over a year since we last updated our blog look. We love keeping our content and reviews current, but our look hadn’t been “current” for a while.

Now it’s official! The Writing Duo has a new look, and we’re adding some cool new features alongside our Waiting on Wednesdays, etc. “The Book Buzz” will be our latest feature on the blog, and should be in full swing in late August/September 2015.

We’re also going to have more writer-related posts so we can balance our love for books and writing. (hey, that’s what this blog is all about!)

If there’s something you want to see on this blog that we haven’t done (of course, book-related) then let us know. We also have a SBPT tab so you can easily access all our Summer Blogger Promo Tour posts, AND an interview section with our most recent interviews. Hooray!

See you guys around! 😀



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