Summer Blogger Promo Tour Post #3: Meet Zoey!

Welcome back to another SBPT stop! Today we’re featuring Zoey who’ll be talking about her fairy tale wishlist, aka retellings she wants to see more of! Without further ado, here we go!

Fairytale retellings are becoming more and more popular in the YA world. Or maybe it’s just that I’m finally starting to take notice of them. Besides straight up high fantasy, I think fairytale retellings/adaptions are my absolute favorite kinds of YA novels, mostly due to Marissa Meyer’s Cinder. It got me hooked. Recently, there was Sarah Ockler’s The Summer of Chasing Mermaids, which was a beautiful and incredibly unique adaption to The Little Mermaid. But the thing is, I’m really only familiar with the bigger tales, like the obvious Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, etc. AKA the Disney ones, haha. (Admittedly, I haven’t seen most Disney movies. Oops? Someday.) And so I think that I’ve read a lot of retellings without actually knowing that they’re retellings. Take Rook by Sharon Cameron. I absolutely loved it and definitely got a bit of a Robin Hood vibe, but it’s actually an adaption of The Scarlet Pimpernel. Which I’ve honestly never really heard of.

But this post isn’t about my favorite adaptions. I honestly don’t think I’ve read enough—that I know for a fact are adaptions—to write a post about that. Instead, I decided to write about my retellings/adaptions wishlist—stuff I’d really like to see, whether it be in the future or something that’s already been published. Hopefully you guys can suggest some stuff!

• A super futuristic version of Beauty and the Beast. Like, maybe the beauty—who could actually be a guy for once?—has to be sent to live with the beast because dear ol’ dad stole some hardcore new war hovercraft technology, and the beauty is living with the beast to keep the dad quiet about what he saw. I don’t know. This is why I’m not really a writer.

• Actually, I want futuristic retellings and adaptions of everything. All of it.

• I just really want an Atalanta and Hippomanes adaption. Minus the part where they’re eventually turned into lions because they have sex on sacred grounds.

• A YA fantasy version of The Odyssey. Don’t ask me how it would work, because I have no idea. Maybe a girl begins a hunt for her father, who’s been missing for ten years, against the wishes of her mother who really thinks he’s dead. Maybe she starts sailing around the world with a pirate, searching and following clues. Y/Y?

• A version of Sleeping Beauty where a kiss doesn’t wake her up, it puts her to sleep. And of course, the Evil Queen wants to use this to her advantage. So our princess takes to the sea to escape. There are pirates involved.

• Okay, basically I either want super futuristic or PIRATES.

• A contemporary version of Robin Hood. Which I think is what Heist Society is, but I think I want a more intense and upper YA version, you know? But HEISTS ABOUND.

I decided to stop because I probably already sound dumb enough. Thanks so much to Sarena and Sasha for having me!

Those were some really unique ideas, Zoey! We’re definitely down for anything involving pirates, too. 😉

Follow Zoey on Twitter here!

The next SBPT post will be on July 26, so watch out for that!



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