Bookish Updates: Current Project + Editing (aka Rewriting)

Our blog is a mix of both our passions: reading and writing. Recently we’ve been sharing a lot of our favourite reads/posting reviews, so we thought we’d do a general update on where we’re at in the writing process.

Since finishing The Pendant Trilogy in October, we began writing another book in November for NaNoWriMo. We actually won a manuscript critique from Adi Alsaid (still letting that sink in!) and he read over our manuscript in January. But we must say, we really, really changed our manuscript after receiving his feedback. We had a gut feeling to change our book’s subplot, but we kept the main plot the same. (Not only because of Adi’s advice, but our own instinct).

We let the manuscript sit for a while because of school (sigh). At the end of April, we got right back into revisions. May was officially Revision Month. And then …

We switched up our ideas. Again. And this is SO normal for so many different authors. In the middle of Draft 3, we went back and began fixing it until finally, everything fell into place. (Sometimes it feels so much better to throw old ideas out the window!) We’re more than halfway through the next draft (I suppose that would officially be called Draft 4) and are really excited to start querying soon.

So, even after having written and edited three other books, writing doesn’t get too much easier. But the revision process is usually the same. Hack at the book until it gets into some semblance of publishable work. And if you don’t cry while looking back at your first draft … well, maybe you haven’t edited enough. 😉

How’s your writing/editing going? Let us know! We love to chat in the comments ❤

We’ll leave you with some writing advice from Susan Dennard’s newsletter. (Basically some epic advice for all writers, whether published or not.)

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2 thoughts on “Bookish Updates: Current Project + Editing (aka Rewriting)

  1. Adan Ramie (@AdanRamie) says:

    “If you don’t cry looking back at your first draft…” made me laugh. That is so true. First drafts are often relegated to the bottom drawer for good reason — they stink! As they should. Revise, edit, rewrite, rinse, repeat, and maybe, just maybe, a first draft can turn into a gem of a manuscript.

    Best of luck with the writing process. I hate changing story ideas in the middle, but it happens all the time. Keep your chins up.

    • The Writing Duo says:

      haha 🙂 it is! First drafts stink. But I’m glad we got this new idea because the manuscript is really starting to look better. Thanks so much! Good luck with your writing 😀

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