Jenny Han Signing: Quick Wrap Up!

June 4 was an awesome day – Jenny Han’s book signing! This was the first time we ever went to a Jenny Han signing; and since we just recently finished the Burn for Burn trilogy (and To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before) we were super excited to see her in person!

We got there about 1.5 hours early–and unfortunately there were not a lot of chairs, but we still got a seat. After a lot of waiting, Jenny came! And there was a long line-up all the way to the door!

She talked a bit about P.S. I Still Love You, her latest book, and how her/her team really had to rush to the finish line with this one. She shared her inspiration behind the sister relationship in the book (Little Women being primary!) and read the letter at the start of the book aloud. It continued right from where TAtBILB ended.

After that there was a fun little Q&A session with prizes! Though Sasha asked the first question, she didn’t get a prize (*sigh*) but at least we got in the signing line pretty quickly! 😀

Here’s our pic with Jenny:

And some pics from our time waiting before the signing:

Jenny talking about her books!!

Our signed copy of P.S. I STILL LOVE YOU!

She also signed our copy of BURN FOR BURN (she could only personalize one book). She spent some time talking to us personally about a story she’d heard online about identical twins, and we talked to her about our books and gave her a bookmark. She was super sweet and nice!! 🙂

Plus, after the signing we met up with a bunch of bloggers/booktubers in the area. Though we didn’t get to chat for long, we’re really happy we met all these awesome people!

That’s all for this post. Have you read or picked up P.S. ? Sasha’s read it and we’ll be reviewing it soon! ❤



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