Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard [Book Review]

Hey, everyone. We’re back today to review a brand new high fantasy novel, RED QUEEN. I know, you’ve probably heard of it–it’s already a #1 NYT Bestseller–and it’s been hyped up quite a bit. But never fear, this book was definitely packed with AWESOMENESS. Let me go through it in detail (non-spoiler-y).  

First off, this book had awesome characters. We both really liked Mare, and the relationships formed throughout this book were very enticing too. (I won’t tell you the specifics. But there definitely is a charming prince in the book, hint hint.) And let’s just take a moment to look at this BEAUTIFUL cover. So much blood. Anyway, this book takes place many years and wars after our world (so it does kind of read like a dystopian novel, especially with all the present tense). I definitely think the tense still works with the story, though.

Here’s a little plot summary: In Mare Barrow’s world, people are divided by blood. The lowly Reds have no powers, and are forced to live in scrutiny under the high-class Silvers. The Silvers each have powers, like controlling elements or being able to read minds. What differentiated it from what sometimes felt like a dystopian novel (e.g., The Hunger Games, The Selection) was the world. And also, the plot twist at the end was a definite plus. (Boy, do we love cliffhangers.)

I’d say one thing I would change about this book is the fact that it doesn’t have a map. I mean, this book is dying for one. It would’ve been so awesome to see this world fleshed out in map version, but I still understood things pretty well. (I’d like to think this isn’t that complex now that I’m reading A Game of Thrones. Wish me well.)

But still, this novel was jam packed with awesomeness, and though it’s not one of our Favourite Fantasy Books Ever, it’s pretty close. We give this book 4/5 stars.

Hope y’all enjoyed this review. Comment your thoughts below! Have you read this book? 🙂



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