Fantasy Awesomeness: A Throne of Glass Review

Hey, all!

It’s time for a review. Our plan for our blog is to post a review each week, and to kick it off we’re reviewing YA novel Throne of Glass.

You probably got it from the title–Throne of Glass is fantasy awesomeness, all wrapped in a pretty bundle of a book. It’s an exciting, fresh YA book that’s perfect for fantasy readers like us. Now, let’s get to the review!

We both recently read this book and enjoyed it. The main character is pretty epic–and from what I’ve heard, her character only grows and gets better with the following books. (Did I mention this is a 6 book series? Well it is, and three books are already out!)

When I first picked up this book, I was hoping it would fall along the lines of Daughter of Smoke and Bone (undoubtedly a 5* book in my mind), but honestly, it fell a bit short for me. Why?

My answer would have to be the events of the story and the characters. This book is based off a competition that brings 24 people together (*cough* THG) for a series of Tests. At the end, there is one winner, who becomes the King’s Champion, and will serve him for the following 4 years. A lot of the story was a mesh of reading and cozying up with a cute puppy. Both of which I don’t blame–a character who LOVES books? YES.

Quite honestly, the events of this book–while awesome–didn’t stretch out to their full capacity. I wanted to learn more about the fantasy world, and not just the glass castle. However, I’ve heard that the sequel picks up on the fantasy world, so I’ve got lots of hope.

Okay–now the characters. I love Celaena. And we’re both Team Dorian! Chaol was also cool. I just felt like he didn’t have as big a role as Dorian, which I’m sure will also change with the coming books.

So there you have it. My main issues had to do with the way the book panned out–I was looking for more, but then again, this is really just the basis of the series, and I already loved it. I already have Crown of Midnight sitting on my shelf, waiting to be read! (Sasha read it and LOVED it, way more than ToG!)

All in all, this is sure to amaze YA fans. (And our fantasy-loving hearts are so excited for more!)

RATING: 4.5*



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