Underrated Reads + Anticipated 2015 Books!

Hey everyone! We’re back today with a post featuring some books we find underrated, plus our anticipated 2015 reads!

Here are some of the underrated books we’ve got on our list:

1. WHAT’S LEFT OF ME by Kat Zhang – this book is awesome. It features two people (girls) in one body, and their struggle to remain together despite the fact that one of them is supposed to … well, leave (a.k.a. the recessive one). Sarena gave it 4* on Goodreads, and the entire trilogy is now available.

2. RUSH by Eve Silver. If you love action, sci-fi, and a hint of romance, you’ll adore this book about a girl who unintentionally finds herself in a ‘game’ in a war against aliens.

3. REBOOT by Amy Tintera. This book has all the kick-A action and dystopia one could hope for. It features a world where a disease has caused people to come back to life after they’ve died as Reboots. The longer they’ve been dead, the less human they are. The main character has been dead for 178 minutes, the longest of any Reboot. Her humanity is nearly lost. This is definitely worth the read for sci-fi/dystopia lovers!

4. SOMETHING STRANGE & DEADLY by Susan Dennard. Now, this book isn’t entirely underrated – there are some wonderful, well-thought reviews. I personally loved it (5* on Goodreads!) though I wish I knew more people who have read the series! It’s historical fiction & zombies – an epic steampunk adventure with a romance to root for!

What are some of your underrated reads? Comment them below!

Now, here’s a list of our hotly anticipated 2015 reads!

1. RED QUEEN by Victoria Aveyard. This book is practically an epic mix of The Hunger Games/Game of Thrones/Divergent/X-Men. Need I say more? And Universal has already bought the film rights!

2. The Perfectionists #2 (title is unknown) by Sara Shepard. There hasn’t technically been a release date for this, but we expect it to pub in 2015. Sasha loved the first book!

3. MAGNUS CHASE #1 by Rick Riordan. It’s his latest series featuring NORSE myth – like Thor, Loki, etc. *screams with excitement*

4. CONSPIRACY OF BLOOD AND SMOKE by Anne Blankman. Historical fiction is one of Sarena’s favourite genres!

5. THE DEATH CODE by Lindsay Cummings. If you haven’t read THE MURDER COMPLEX (book 1), you must!


Hope you all have a fantastic week/holidays, and feel free to tell us what reads your looking forward to next year!



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