Young Adult Scavenger Hunt!

Hi everyone! Today I am sharing a post for the Young Adult Scavenger Hunt, which is a really cool event where YA authors meet and promote their books! We are on TEAM INDIE! If you want to learn more about how this hunt works, click here!

team indie

Today I’ve invited two characters from Jessica Brooks’s 2nd book, OPEN THY HEART, for a character interview! Since there are many flowers in the Flora series, we’re going to keep with this theme for the interview! Welcome, guys!

Dahlia: Hi there. Thanks for having us! We’ve gathered here together today–

David: *whispers*

Dahlia: What?

David: I said, you sound like you’re conducting a funeral.

Dahlia: Well you sound a little obnoxious.

David: I mean… if the casket fits…

Dahlia: Okay, that was just dumb.

David: Whatever. I think I should take over.

Dahlia: Fine. *folds arms* Go for it.

David: Thank you. Ahem. Dahlia and I are here today to talk about a very serious subject. Baking.

Dahlia: *pulls David aside* What are you doing? I thought we were going to talk about flowers—

David: *shakes head* Nope. You go with what’s happening, and baking is happening. It’s fall. Everyone eats. Haven’t you seen Eva’s mom’s house lately? Pies everywhere.

Dahlia: Oh, true. Yes. Okay. Baking.

David: So. Baking. More specifically, safety while baking. There are important devices which one uses to bake, and Dahlia is going to teach you the right way to use them.

Dahlia: Me?

David: You.

Dahlia: Oh brother.

David: Say, for instance, that you were going to, oh, I don’t know, bake a cake.

Dahlia: I see where you’re going with this. You’re not funny.

David: Or frosting.

Dahlia: Nobody’s laughing at this, David.

David: I am.

Dahlia: You don’t count.

David: Yes I do. Always. So what was I—oh, right. If you were to bake something and decided not to go all retro and do the mixing by hand but actually use a device…

Dahlia: I don’t think you call them ‘kitchen devices’.

David: It doesn’t really matter, so hush. If you were to, say, be mixing something, make sure that you do not remove the whippy things—

Dahlia: *laughs* They’re whisks.

David: Whisks? That’s a weird word.

Dahlia: It’s whisks. Believe me.

David: Make sure you turn off your whisks—

Dahlia: No wait, it’s beaters!

David: Beaters? *whispers* Like… wife beaters? The tank tops?

Dahlia, pressing a hand over her eyes: Oh my gosh, David, where are you going with this? Can we just finish, please?

David: Okay. Calm yourself. So, the safety tip for making a cake, or frosting,  *eyes Dahlia* is to make sure you turn off the beaters before removing them from the bowl, or there could be disastrous consequences. *aside to Dahlia* Still sounds funny. I like whisks better.

Dahlia: Are you done?

David: Let me think. Yes.

Dahlia: Great. This has been a kitchen safety announcement by David—

David: Bridges.

Dahlia: *narrows eyes* This has been a kitchen safety announcement by Dahlia Kennedy and David Bridges.

David: One of whom did great in home ec and one who may or may not have done really terrible. *cough* She did terrible. *cough* It was Dahlia.

Dahlia: *sighs* This has been the worst kitchen safety announcement in this history of kitchen safety announcements. I’m so sorry.

Haha! Well, after that, I think you should definitely check out Jessica’s books! The first is IF I SPEAK TRUE.

Don’t forget to continue your hunt! Check out:
That’s all for now! Have a fantastic Thursday.



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