Writing Personal Posts

Hey, everyone! So I know I’m posting this at night, but it’s something that just randomly occurred to me. After viewing tons of awesome book blogs in my days, I begin to wonder … Do “features” start to feel a bit impersonal? I love writing up a good Waiting on Wednesday post, but at the same time I feel like it’s a post that doesn’t necessarily post anything extremely personal to our blog. I guess that’s subjective. I could write a WoW post that has a lot of personality to it, and that’s great. Sometimes I also feel like bloggers might lose their voice if they don’t contribute anything very personal to their blog. I don’t mean personal as in telling me what you ate for breakfast; rather, I’m talking about letting your personality shine through your blog!

Then again, there’s a lot of great writers out there who have wonderful blogs and voices and platforms. It’s just a matter of ensuring that YOU are getting your voice across whatever platform you’re using, whether that’s your blog or your twitter, etc.

Hope you’re all having a great day! We’ve got some really cool announcements coming. Don’t forget to comment on our posts! We love hearing from you guys (what are you reading/writing?).






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