What’s Going On #10: Weekly Roundup

Hi everyone! Sorry for posting this so late. Just finished our French homework (phew)! So, let’s wrap up this week, shall we?

On Monday we posted the books we hauled so far this month. We’re expecting another review book in the mail, and we bought a LOT of books for university … (no need to show those). 😉

On Wednesday we shared our WoW post (AFTERWORLDS by Scott Westerfeld!).

Yesterday we shared a wonderful interview we recently did. The interview goes over the creation of our books, The Pendant Trilogy, and so much more behind-the-scenes stuff!

Read all about it! 

Lastly, we wanted to wrap up this week by discussing some of the cool things we bumped into at university. We finished our first week, and on Friday we went to the gym … (gasp). Afterwards we went to a magazine launch party! It was for a magazine for our university, and it was so cool to hear all the history about the newspaper and the new magazine. We were so inspired!

Okay–let’s switch directions. Our new book, THE POISONED EMERALD, comes out in less than 2 weeks, and we’re preparing a lot of awesome stuff for our readers. In October we’re planning to have a blog theme: we’re focusing on paranormal and haunted reads!

Over 5 days this October we’re releasing our newest e-novella on Wattpad for you to read (free!). Then we’re opening a flash fiction contest and a fan art contest! If you prefer writing, enter the flash fiction contest! If you’re unlike us and love drawing (even if they’re just stick figures), enter our fan art contest! They will open as soon as The Sapphires is up on Wattpad. Those official details will come in October.

Get your pencils sharpened! There’s a lot coming!

See you next week!


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