What’s Going On #9: Weekly Roundup

9 weeks and counting for our meme What’s Going On, where we wrap up all the awesome stuff that has happened this week (and discuss what is to come!).

This will be our last What’s Going On post before we begin university. We’ll keep posting, but our blogging schedule will not be as tight! It might be a little more spontaneous–but don’t fear! The content will not suffer.

This week we posted a few teasers from our books, plus shared our Waiting on Wednesday pick. On Tuesday we shared a teaser from our newest book, THE POISONED EMERALD, and yesterday we shared another quote from THE KING’S JEWEL.

Besides everything we posted this week, we’ll be announcing a READ-A-LONG for a prequel e-novella to our books! Leading up to the release of THE POISONED EMERALD, we’ll be posting a bunch of cool quotes!

Another announcement: We’re having a twitter chat for our book launch! There will be lots of Q&A and prizes, so look out for that! Details to come!

That’s all for now! Look out for more posts this week. Hope you all had a good weekend!



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