Character Profile #10: Joseph Miller

Wow, our blog tour has finally come to an end! Today Ohana Reads is helping promote THE POISONED EMERALD, and there’s an exclusive excerpt! Our giveaway is still running, so make sure you enter!

Our final character profile will feature Joseph Miller–brother to the twins Janine and Jessica Miller, and cousin to our main character Arica!

Name: Joseph Miller

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Birthplace: Ireland

Background: German, British, Irish

Campus at Hill Valley: Australian Sapphire

Favourite food: Fruit (except mangoes)

Hobbies: Reading (fiction and non-fiction), doing physics homework

Favourite article of clothing: He particularly likes his glasses–he doesn’t care much for clothing

Description: Reddish-brown hair, blue eyes, usually found with his spectacles

Pictures that describe Joseph/are associated with him:

End of character profile

*Although images seem to have been used by Joseph himself, these do NOT belong to Joseph in any way (they were found through search engines).

Thank you ALL for such a great blog tour, and we hope you liked these character profiles. Talk to you all soon!



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