Character Profile #8: Rowen

The first week of our blog tour is OVER!
So what does that mean? It’s day 8 of the blog tour, wherein we cross the land of the Internet to share our books on awesome book blogs! Today our awesome friend Matt interviewed us on writing and lots more! Check it out here.

As for the character profiles, today we’re featuring the last of the “Sapphires” (the nickname Arica gives to her new friends in Australian Sapphire). Rowen’s profile is up!

Name: Rowen (last name unknown)

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Birthplace: Unknown

Campus at Hill Valley: Australian Sapphire

Favourite food: Pasta and pizza

Hobbies: Using his laptop, watching TV, hanging out with friends in Australian Sapphire

Favourite article of clothing: Converse shoes

Description: Light blond hair, blue eyes, brown eyebrows

Pictures that describe Rowen/are applicable to him:


Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars Hi Shoes




 End of character profile.

What do you think of Rowen (occasionally called Rowe)? Comment below!



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