Character Profile #5: Geoff

Today’s Day 5 of the blog tour, meaning Grace Zhuang (Booktuber and book blogger) is posting about THE POISONED EMERALD on Fandom Monthly Magazine!
We’re featuring Geoff on today’s character profile!

Name: Geoff (last name unknown)

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Birthplace: Unknown

Campus at Hill Valley: Australian Sapphire

Favourite food: Asian-style noodles

Hobbies: Chilling with friends (preferably in the sweltering summertime), cooking

Favourite article of clothing: Brown, leather jacket

Description: Trimmed black hair, muscular, tanned skin, dark irises (almost black)

Pictures that describe Geoff/are associated with him:


End of profile. Geoff was our first male character profile! What do you think of him? Let us know!



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