Character Profile #4: Ash Graves

Day 4 of the blog tour is here. Today author Madison Louise is interviewing Arica Miller, the main character in our books.

Ash Graves is Arica’s roommate at Hill Valley. Every day we’re posting someone different from our books and showing their character profile, and so today we’re featuring Ash!

Her profile:

Name: Ash Graves

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Birthplace: Unknown

Campus at Hill Valley: Australian Sapphire

Favourite food: Anything not served in the Hill Valley Private Arts Academy cafeteria

Hobbies: Skipping class, running, laughing and texting in chemistry

Favourite article of clothing/jewellery: Key necklace, black jacket, black combat boots

Description: Black hair with red highlights, tanned skin, brown/black eyes, thick eyebrows

Pictures that describe Ash/are associated with her:

End of profile. What do you think of Ash Graves? Comment below!




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