Character Profile #2: Janine and Jessica Miller

It’s day 2 of the blog tour! Double Decker Books is sharing our book cover & trailer!

If you’re not sure what these character profiles are, check out this introductory post!
Today we’re looking at the twins’ profiles! We’ve decided to put them together in one profile since they’re so alike. They’re Arica’s first cousins, and are twins like us (except they’re identical!). You can see yesterday’s post for Arica Miller’s profile in the introductory post above.

Here is Janine/Jess’s character profile!

Names: Janine and Jessica Miller

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Birthplace: Ireland

Background: German, British, Irish

Campus at Hill Valley: American Ruby

Favourite food: Mangoes

Hobbies: Running, painting, and reading manga

Description: Long cherry-red hair, fair skin, brown eyes; their bangs part on opposite sides (Janine right, Jess left).

Favourite article of clothing or jewellery: Matching red dresses, ruby necklaces

Pictures that describe Janine and Jess/are associated with them:
(Painting was not made by Janine … unfortunately.)

End of profile.

What do you think of the twins? Comment below!

Fun fact: The twins’ behaviours are based off of our experiences as twins! Only difference is, we don’t have magical powers.




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