Character Profile #1: Arica Miller + Start of the Blog Tour!

I can’t believe it’s the start of THE POISONED EMERALD’s blog tour! Today we kick things off with the cover reveal on IceyBooks! (There’s also a BIG giveaway, so check that out!) If you haven’t seen the schedule for the blog tour, check it out here.

For our blog tour, we’re going to be doing something special. For each day of the blog tour, when a book blogger is helping promote our books, we’ll do something on our blog, too! Every day we’ll be posting a character profile for TEN characters in THE GEMSTONE. Each character profile shares general information about the character, some of their hobbies, and their campus at Hill Valley.

In our book, there are five campuses at the school Arica attends (Hill Valley Private Arts Academy): Australian Sapphire, American Ruby, African Jade, European Quartz, and Bahia Topaz.

Today we’re starting off with Arica Miller, our main character. Here’s her character profile:

Name: Arica Miller

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Birthplace: British Columbia, Canada

Background: German

Campus at Hill Valley: Australian Sapphire

Favourite food: Any salad, preferably with fruit, or vegetarian lasagna or pasta!

Hobbies: Archery, acting, sketching/drawing

Description: Chestnut-brown hair, fair skin, brown eyes

Favourite article of clothing/jewellery: Navy blue cardigan and diamond gemstone

Pictures that describe Arica (these pictures do not belong to Arica herself) or are associated with her:

End of profile.

What do you think of Arica? Comment below!

Until tomorrow,

-S&S 🙂


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