Interview with Author David James

Hey everyone! Today we’re posting an interview with David James, who has a new book called BETWEEN THE STARS AND SKY coming out this September!

What was your inspiration for writing this new book, BETWEEN THE STARS AND SKY? 
Honestly, I wanted to write a book that answered a lot of questions I had about being “between” something. Between loves. Between homes. Between people. The majority of people out there, I think, are always in a transitional period where they are waiting for or wanting something to change. This is my answer to that.
Was it difficult to write contemporary after having writing a magical YA novel?
I thought it would be! But it wasn’t as difficult as I thought. At first, I wanted to add dragons and magic and spells every other page, but I got used to the idea that there was no magic in this story. Well, I shouldn’t say that. There is! THERE IS MAGIC! But it’s not the kind you think.
Why pick “YA” as your target genre?
I like the way teens fall in love. They aren’t afraid. They aren’t reserved. And that’s the way it should be, even for adults.
Did you have any actors/actresses/people you know act as inspiration for your characters?
I haven’t figured out this entire cast yet, but I would really love Chris Lowell to play Jackson. I think Chris is the perfect mix of calm and not, and he’s exactly how I pictured Jackson while writing this story.
Do you think, in the future, you might try out some different genres? (i.e. … Do you have any books planned for the future?) 
I do. I have one that’s scheduled for 2015/16 that’s more heavily sci-fi, and a few more contemporary ideas. Recently, I’ve been toying with the idea of writing a Middle Grade book, but if I did I would want it to be something different than anything out there. So that might have to wait. I have way too many ideas. The trick is picking the best!
Thanks, Sarena. Loved doing this interview.

Check out more about this book in our previous cover reveal post!


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