Writing Process Blog Tour

Hey everyone! We were recently tagged to be part of a Writing Process Blog Tour, where we’ll answer four questions about our writing process! 😀 We were tagged by Laura Salters (check out her post!) and the creator is Kelley Harvey!

Let’s get started!

1) What are we working on?

Right now we’re taking a small break from writing since we finished revising THE POISONED EMERALD (Book 3 of The Pendant Trilogy). We’re still doing small revisions, but otherwise we’ve come up with (yet another) book idea that we’re really excited to start! It’s another YA–and it involves pirates! (Woo!) For now, though, we’re very focused on marketing our trilogy once the last book comes out in September.

2) How does our work differ from others in its genre?

I think our books (mainly YA, but also great for ages 10+) are very distinct–they use elements of fantasy and the normal world, and slowly delve into the “fantasy” aspect rather than jumping right into it (like an epic fantasy would). This makes our novels more relatable to whomever is reading them, since we start off with typical teenager life: starting a new school year, doing homework, etc. I also think we really differ from certain books because we love cliffhangers … and if you’ve read our first two books, you know there are major cliffhangers! 😉

3) Why do we write what we do?

We write books we want to read–books we can’t find on bookstore or library shelves. It’s a story we want to tell. Our book is fantasy/suspense/paranormal, and that’s exactly what we love to read. So in short: We write the stories we don’t see and want to tell, and write within the same genres we love to read!

4) How does our writing process work?

We get asked this question a lot. Pretty much anytime someone is talking about our books with us, this question comes up. Normally it’s in the form of: “How do the two of you write together? How does it work?”

My sister and I are twins, and so we have very similar thoughts and preferences when it comes to books. The two of us usually come up with an idea and then flesh it out straight away–details will change in the process of writing, though. One of us sits at the computer and writes, and then the other twin will read what was just written. If we like it, we move on.

A lot of people write on a chapter-by-chapter basis. We don’t do that; usually we’ll write a certain scene that’s been pre-planned by both of us.

I would say I (Sarena) am more of an editing person–I prefer looking over what my sister has written and fixing it up here and there. Then again, we both love writing, and we both do exactly that.

Once we’re done the first draft (that ugly, disgusting first draft), we’ll cut out the stuff that really has no place in the novel. Sometimes it’s whole chapters! We usually replace them with better scenes from newer ideas we’ve come up with.

You could say we have this weird kind of twin telepathy. If I start a sentence talking about a new idea for our book, she’ll usually know exactly what I’m going to say before I say it. Neat-o! We bounce ideas around, and then they just click!

That’s all from us! The writers i’m tagging, along with their bios, are:

Wadzanai Mufunde

In many ways, I’m a London girl, but at heart I’ll always remain Zimbabwean. My love for books came when I was very young struggling to learn English at infant school. I remember it was a book about a sand horse that wanted to be like the other horses in the waves, yearning to be a part of the ocean. I’ve loved reading from that day, and somehow along the way, my passion for writing ignited. Now I try to fit it around my Computer Science degree.
I’m that crazy girl who may or may not have short-person syndrome. I have more hobbies than I know what to do with, including playing the flute and saxophone. Then there’s kickboxing and drawing and the obvious reading and writing. My aim in life is to live life to the fullest. The definition of that may or may not be according to how many chicken wings I can consume before I die 🙂

Madison Louise

Madison Louise decided at a young age that she wanted to write. Since she was nine she has written many books. Now Madison is a teen pursuing her dream of becoming best selling author. She spends her time writing, reading and drawing, the occasional Just Dance when she has the time. Madison lives in Ohio, with her parents, her sister, and all their pets.

You can visit Madison online on Twitter @AuthorMadison and on her website: madisionlouise.weebly.com

 They’ll be posting soon, so look out for that!

Until next time,



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