E-books vs. Physical Books

Hello everyone! Happy Saturday! Today I (Sasha) will be talking about a much-debated-over topic. E-books vs. physical books.

Yes, yes, here we go. Why am I bringing this topic up when so many people have already talked about it before? you might ask. Well, for my upcoming Data Management assignment, I will be collecting primary data (through the use of surveys) at my school to find out which method of reading is more preferred. So, I thought I’d talk about it in a blog post.

Personally, Sarena and I prefer physical books over e-books. I NEVER buy e-books unless, a) they’re free, or b) I have a gift card (which I presently do, so we did spend some of it on e-novellas that will be coming out/ have already come out).

Needless to say, I don’t think e-reading is a BAD thing. It has its perks. Like when you can’t decide what to book to read on vacation — why not pack a weightless tablet over a bunch of heavy books that will take up a lot of your suitcase?

I also think physical books have their own perks too. But I still like to read samples of books before buying them/ checking them out of the library (to see if I enjoy them). I almost always get samples of books that I really want to buy so I can get started on them ASAP. (For example, the newest Pretty Little Liars books. I get the sample the day it’s available, and buy them in hardcover a few weeks later, or whenever I can.)

As you can see, I don’t read off my iPad or computer or Nexus very often. I have only finished 1 full-length novel on my computer and am currently reading one now. I have never finished any full length e-book I have on the iPad so far, but hopefully that will change when I start to read some e-novellas like DESTROY ME and THE FEAR TRIALS. I have, however, read a novella on my Nexus.

I love going to the bookstore and buying physical copies — whether paperback or hardcover — because of many reasons. The new book smell, the feeling of putting a brand new book on your shelf. We love physical books so much!

Now, what’s your preference? Comment down below and help me gather some stats on what you enjoy most!

Thanks, everyone! Have a great day!




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