Flash Fiction: What is it?

Normally this post would be great for Flash Fiction Friday, but we haven’t posted in a while (sorry!) and so Sunday will have to do. 

So, Flash Fiction–what is it? Flash Fiction is usually a story of 100 words or less, meant to display a little taste of a person’s writing or hint toward a bigger story (novella, novel, etc). I recently took the challenge and made a story of 97 words based on an image provided to me. In the case of Flash Fiction, brevity truly is the soul of wit! (That’s probably the only time I will quote Polonius.)

Here’s our example of flash fiction without much dialogue. Sometimes dialogue works really well to push your “mini” story forward. For this, we stuck to descriptiveness to draw the reader’s attention. Hope you like it!


The dirtiness of this place was absolute. That was what my sister had told me five months ago, when she was still alive. The palace was left in shambles. Dry, crimson-red blood from the latest war stained the walls, and a horrid smell clung to every surface. I knew, with painful certainty, that this was where she’d been held hostage by the monarch. 

The Great Palace now resembled a jail.

“Ana? Are you ready?” 

The voice appeared from nowhere. I turned, immediately feeling the strain of the shackles on my wrists. All I could do was nod.


Aaaaaaand that’s it! I’ve never really written anything quite like that, but it might just grow into a little something in the future.

Hope you all have a great week ahead! 




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