April Camp NaNo!

Hey, fellow bloggers and readers! We haven’t posted in a bit due to school work and other things, but now we’ve hit a pretty busy month. It’s that time of year again–Camp NaNoWriMo is here! If you’ve never heard it, it’s basically a “prequel” or practice run for the REAL NaNoWriMo in November. The last time we did Camp was in July of last year, in which we managed about 63k. Somehow, due to school interference, we are still polishing that draft. (Writing takes more than just writing. Yes. It’s misleading.)

This time around, we’re not going for the usual 50k. We won’t have enough time in the day to do that. Not with school work, editing other stuff, school work, extra curricular activities ….

So, this time the goal is 30k. That still seems a bit hefty, but I think we can squeeze in some words here and there before and after school. We’re still drafting our 3rd book, THE POISONED EMERALD, and we’re working on an MG paranormal novel (possibly standalone, but who knows where these things progress).

Are you doing Camp NaNo? Let us know how things are going for you! Our cabin mates come from all around the world and it’s been super fun to interact!

We’ll update you all with some NaNo accomplishments and more soon. 🙂



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