Hello, bloggers! This past week-and-a-half has been extremely busy with homework and such, and with school returning soon, we wanted to reveal what we have accomplished for the year! We’ve nearly finished draft 1 of our 3rd book, which was mostly written over our free time in the summer. We are very excited to complete the trilogy and begin writing a spin-off novel for the series. Interestingly enough, we created the spin-off novel long before we had even come up with the original trilogy. It was supposed to be its own novel/series, but since it didn’t quite go anywhere, we came up with The Pendant Trilogy and decided to somehow implant this book in trilogy.

And now for the big news… The title of our third book (the last of the trilogy!) is:


Yep, there it is! Lots of mysterious stuff going on in that book, and we can’t wait to share it with you all later (2014).

Also, the name of our spin-off novel will be: THE SHADOWERS. The first concept of the Shadowers is not presented in the trilogy until our second book, THE KING’S JEWEL! We are so very excited to write this spin-off book.

Thanks to all the bloggers/twitter & facebook people who have made this year a special and remarkable one. Good luck for all your reading and writing challenges in 2014!

We will also be doing a giveaway in the new year for our 2nd book. Details to come very soon. See you all later, and have a safe and happy new year!


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