Giveaway – Ends in two days!

Hey! Just posting a friendly reminder: our giveaway ends in two days, and you could win our second book (THE KING’S JEWEL). If you’re on Facebook, you can enter here: If not, please help share this post to get as many people to enter as possible! Our books are just over $3 on Kindle and Kobo, and our 2nd book is now up on GR:


The giveaway ends this Sunday (our birthday)! Thanks to everyone for participating! 

I’ll leave you with a quotation from The Pendant Trilogy #2: 

The mermaid turned the corners of her lips down to
form a small grimace. “Deal . . . what a mundane mortal
word to use. Mortals always expect the truth to surface from
a world of lies; one day they must realize that a lie is only a
secondary version of the truth.”




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