It’s been a while since we’ve done a post. Not much writing has been done, either, but today we want to talk about outlining. How important is it? Does everyone do it? 

I find it difficult to write without an outline. When I was younger, I was a panster (meaning writing without plotting). Now it is difficult to get anything done without knowing what will happen in the future. Usually the best way to outline is by designating certain events that will eventually break down into chapters as you write. I don’t usually approximate how many chapters will be written, but rather just how many events will need to take place.

Outlining is especially important for someone who writes a novel, especially when writing in the 80-100k area like we do. The book we are currently writing is 80000 words (1st draft) but is not very near completion. Revising and drafting will change these word counts, and thus the outline. 

Sometimes it is difficult to find inspiration to outline. Taking breaks, listening to music, cooking, and more, can help one develop a taste for what characters can do in their books, and then have an idea of a clear outline. Even when writing, I am not certain of what is going to happen in a certain event. That’s okay. As long as the event is outlined, and there is a purpose to propel the plot forward, write it down. Sink it in your mind. It could bloom from a small jot note in an outline to a full-blown, purposeful event.

Time to write! Have a good weekend, all.

-Sarena and Sasha


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