Summer Ends – September Begins!

Hey, all! It’s been a while since we created a post, since we’ve been very busy with writing and preparing for school. This summer we’ve managed to complete just past 80000 words for the first draft of The Pendant Trilogy #3 (title to be announced). This is not the end of the draft – there’s still a lot to go!

With more planning, the series will finally come to a conclusion. The first draft is a bit sketchy, however; there will be lots of revisions to do during the school year. Publication is planned to be in mid 2014, a year apart from the publication of The King’s Jewel!

From July 1-29, we wrote 63k. After a 2 week vacation, we had 2 weeks to write another 17k. With the help of more revisions and plotting, the first draft should be completed this month.

We were also just given a shipment of lots of bookmarks (yay!) for The Gemstone and The King’s Jewel. A few days ago we also received our first hard copy of our second book: The King’s Jewel, and with a few more revisions, the book will be ready to be in readers’ hands!

This was also a great summer for reading. I (Sarena) got to read about 16 books. Not too far from finishing my goal of 35 books for the year!

Stay tuned for more on our books, plus a giveaway of our books in eBook format COMING SOON!

That’s all for today. Have a great long weekend full of reading and writing!


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