Camp NaNo Winners!

We’ve been on vacation since the 30th, so we haven’t been able to post anything recently (sorry!). The good news is, we’re winners of CampNaNoWriMo since we surpassed the challenge of 50k in one month! Our word count on July 29th (the last words we wrote before leaving) was a whopping 63000 words and we’re very proud.

We’ve reached a point in the novel where things are really going to change, and there’s a lot to plan. 2 weeks of vacation have proven to be really relaxing, but now there’s a LOT to write! Our goal is to get at least 20k more words, basically finishing the first draft of Book 3, before school starts in early September.

Here’s our certificate for winning the camp challenge:


Good luck to all writers with their work for the rest of the summer, and we’ll keep you posted on news for our latest book, The King’s Jewel, available online NOW!!

HERE is the Amazon link:

Talk to you all soon.

-Sarena and Sasha


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