Thunder and Lightning – Cover Reveal, Release, Review and Giveaway!

Hey, all! Today is the cover reveal and release of Madison Louise’s novella, Thunder and Lightning (a The Storm Saga novel), and we’re very excited to be a part of the reveal!

Here is the awesome cover:


Here is the summary:

After two hundred plus years without each other, Felix and Millicent have finally found each other again. And even though they wanted to run to the nearest church to get married right away, their family insisted on planning a wedding.
Millicent is nervous, this is whole new step in life. A step she was ready for all those years ago, but now, with their powers, and exposure, Millicent’s not sure how things will go. Everyone tells her things will be fine, but Millicent isn’t so sure.
After celebrating their wedding, and becoming Mrs. Walter, Millicent is finally convinced that things will be fine, but then they get a visit. The person brings bad news. News that crushes Millicent, and her dreams.

Will her and Felix be able to get past this news, and live their life?

Madison Louise decided at a young age that she wanted to write. Since she was nine she has written many books. Now Madison is a teen pursuing her dream of becoming best seller author. She spends her time writing, reading and drawing, the occasional Just Dance when she has the time. Madison lives in Ohio, with her parents, her sister, and all their pets.

You can visit Madison online on Twitter @AuthorMadison.

Thanks to Madison for allowing us to reveal the cover and read the book early! Here’s our review:

We loved this continuation from The Storm. It was great to see that Millicent and Felix finally got married after over two hundred years without each other. We were happy to see that certain characters made a reappearance in this novella, like Roger, Nikki and Molly. I especially liked some of the themes throughout this novella–which only took us a half hour to read! AWESOME!

This is a great light read for anyone who has read The Storm. It has a great premise, so I strongly recommend both books in the saga. There were times we felt there could be more tension and story line, but then again – it’s just a novella, and a great continuation of Thunder and Lightning’s (Felix and Madison’s) lives. Overall, we give it 4*.

Keep writing, Madison!

***HERE is the link for the Kindle version of Thunder and Lightning:


Here’s a link to Madison’s blog for a giveaway: Just scroll down and enter! There are great prizes to be won!!

All the best to Madison! 🙂

-Sarena and Sasha


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