Writing for July NaNo

It’s day 19 of Camp NaNoWriMo, but Sasha and I have gotten pretty far ahead of where we’re supposed to be.

Day 19 word count should be 30645 – we just skimmed past 45k today.

Writing 1613 words a day seems quite reasonable to reach 50k by the end of the month, but I finished today’s writing in a few hours (3000 words). I was stunned by how far we’d gotten, and now we’ve only got 5k more to go!

But the work doesn’t end here: we are planning to write as much as possible this month, hopefully around 60-70k + words, so we’re technically right on schedule.

We found that doing word sprints were really helpful. At the beginning of the month, we were able to do 1000 words in 30 mins. Now we can do 1000+ words in 25 mins or less, and it’s all a matter of if you know what you’re writing at what time.

The way to keep organized about things is to plot. I always plot out events before they happen, though sometimes I find things will randomly occur here or there, but I find a way for them to work. Stories change – this is NaNo, FIRST DRAFT, so there’s nothing to worry about! Stay positive, and stay away from editing. Writing is your main goal here.

I’m so pleased by our progress for the 3rd book in the Pendant Trilogy. I’ve been able to really motivate myself to write by simply writing in small chunks, and it’s really helpful. Sometimes, on a dreary day, “1 minute” sprints could be quick and helpful. Then expand on your sprints and you’ll see yourself writing a lot more. Moreover, as said in a previous post, JOLTS (100 word increments) are really helpful. Whip up a quick jolt in 2 minutes and you can do 1000 words, easy.

Hopefully your writing journeys are all going well. Have a splendid writing day and weekend, all.

-Sarena and Sasha


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