Daily Writing

Yesterday I was going for the usual 2.5k while writing, unsure if I would even reach the goal in the first place, and found that I had actually written a good 1041 words in 25 minutes.

That’s pretty good, considering I normally get 1k in 30 minute writing sprints/word wars. My friend brought up the idea of using things called “jolts”, which are 100 word increments of your novel. It motivated me to write a lot faster, and I found I was writing 10 jolts (1k) in no time at all.

In fact, I did 10 jolts, took a break, did another 15, and thought I was done for the day. Then I participated in a word war and got another 1000 words done! Amazing! But best of all, I was only a couple hundred words away from 34k.

Our official word count starting off the day is 34k, and hopefully I’ll get to (or way past) the usual 2500 words. The point is, these jolts and word wars can definitely help motivate you. Writing in small increments can make you feel like you’ve accomplished a lot more – and trust me, as writers, we’ve accomplished a lot already! 

That’s the post for today. Keep writing! 

-Sarena and Sasha Nanua


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