Summer Reading/Writing Fun

It’s that lovely time of year – summer!

What are you going to be reading this summer? We’ve got tons of books on our minds! I (Sarena) am currently reading THE DEATH CURE, and then I’ll reading TORN (The Missing: Book 4). I’m also halfway through THE BOOK THIEF.

Sasha and I also have some great news – book 2, The King’s Jewel, will be out this month! If any bloggers wish to review or post about our novel, we would greatly appreciate it. Please comment on this post if you have any interest!

Also, we’ve done a few school presentations for our novel and are so happy to hear positive feedback from middle school kids. I was also told by a friend that an 8th grader approached her and told her about how much she loved THE GEMSTONE. It truly makes our day, and tells us all this writing is worthwhile. 

I’m hoping for lots of reading and lots of reviewing. If any news books or ARCs are coming out this month, let us know! We’re happy to review!

Sasha and I are also doing Camp NaNoWriMo this month; hopefully we’ll complete our first draft for book 3 of The Pendant Trilogy this summer. 

(There’s a lot to look forward to.)

Happy reading, all, and have a great week!

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