Hello, everyone! We’re back! Sorry we’ve been gone for so long (haven’t made a blog post in two months), but we’ve been busy with school and such so we haven’t been able to get on WordPress lately. Anyway, now that summer’s here, we’re getting some more writer-like things done, like editing The King’s Jewel/ writing the 3rd book of The Pendant Trilogy! 

Today we are finally editing more of TKJ, which will be available sometime in July. We’ve been writing this book for about a year and are so excited to see the final product! Stay tuned for a post on a GIVEAWAY COMING SOON.

Besides writing, we’re definitely going to get some reading done this summer. We’ve picked up a few books lately, and are excited to get started on them!

What books have you read this summer/are planning to read? Leave some recommendations down below for awesome summer reads and stay tuned for more posts.

See ya later!

-Sarena and Sasha



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